Matcha: A Green Drink Like No Other

Did you know that one cup of matcha green tea has the same amount of nutritional content as 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea? I am definitely more of a tea drinker than a coffee one! While I usually opt for the traditionally steeped early grey, green, or black tea, lately I have found myself … Continue reading Matcha: A Green Drink Like No Other

Thursday’s Three

  Three things I liked from this week 1. "When feet meet nice floors" If there's one Instagram account you should follow this week it's ihavethisthingwithfloors It is a curation of beautiful floors people from all around the world have stood on! 2. 10 Things That Might Happen If You Dress Up Everyday I am … Continue reading Thursday’s Three

It’s Your Vacation, Not Your Followers’

I recently wrote an article for my school newspaper about the implications of social media on travel. This is not the sort of writing style I usually publish on my blog, however I thought I'd share it here anyway and see what you think! "As I sat down on my Air Canada flight, Florida bound for … Continue reading It’s Your Vacation, Not Your Followers’

The Ultimate 2016 Wishlist

Have you given any thought as to what gifts you're going to wrap this holiday season?What about the presents you want to unwrap? Here are 4 gift ideas each with their own appeal to give and get this Christmas. 1. A new clutch is the perfect gift for the style icon. Personally, I am tired of trying to … Continue reading The Ultimate 2016 Wishlist

At Home Facial: 3 Must-Have Face Masks

Just a little bit less than a year ago I started using face masks. Sure I tried the odd one before that, but now they are something I would consider a part of my routine. Let's face it - a lot of us either can't afford or don't have the time for a facial. That's why … Continue reading At Home Facial: 3 Must-Have Face Masks

Thursday’s Three

Three things I liked from this week. Burt's Bees makeup: I have never really been one of those girls who takes more than 5 minutes to apply my makeup in the morning. My routine usually consists of a light dusting of powder foundation, a little blend of bronzer and blush, some eye shadow, and a … Continue reading Thursday’s Three

Encouraging Neatness, Preventing Clutter

I am a fairly organized person by nature, however I can become quickly disorganized. I just need the right amount of space and storage – both of which I’ve been lacking until recently. This is why I'm always looking for ways to better create the illusion that I've got more space than I do. Here … Continue reading Encouraging Neatness, Preventing Clutter

Thursday’s Three

Three things I liked from this week. 7 Ways to Restore Damaged Hair: My hair can't seem to catch a break. Between the daily washes, constant blow drying, and exposure to sun my hair needs time to replenish. This link from confirms everything I've been planning to do in order to take care of my hair … Continue reading Thursday’s Three

Favorite Fragrances for Summer

*Walks into Sephora and heads straight to the perfume section*...Yep, that's me! If there's one thing that I love it's finding new fragrances. However I rarely step out my comfort zone when it comes to choosing new perfumes. Even though I like lots of different fragrances, the ones I choose to wear tend to be … Continue reading Favorite Fragrances for Summer

How To Build A Gallery Wall

  Although the house my roommates and I live in is an old brown stone, the outside is no reflection of the inside. A central element contributing to our young and colorful atmosphere is the gallery wall in our living room. One thing all gallery walls have in common is a consistent flow throughout made possible … Continue reading How To Build A Gallery Wall