Encouraging Neatness, Preventing Clutter

I am a fairly organized person by nature, however I can become quickly disorganized. I just need the right amount of space and storage – both of which I’ve been lacking until recently. This is why I'm always looking for ways to better create the illusion that I've got more space than I do. Here … Continue reading Encouraging Neatness, Preventing Clutter

How To Build A Gallery Wall

  Although the house my roommates and I live in is an old brown stone, the outside is no reflection of the inside. A central element contributing to our young and colorful atmosphere is the gallery wall in our living room. One thing all gallery walls have in common is a consistent flow throughout made possible … Continue reading How To Build A Gallery Wall

Simplify for Summer: Closet Cleaning

Now that summer is upon us it's time to free yourself from all the winter clutter. What better way to get rid of a heap of stuff you don’t need than to tackle the ultimate clutter gatherer itself? That’s right—it’s time to clean your closet. Organizing your possessions can help make you feel healthier and … Continue reading Simplify for Summer: Closet Cleaning