4 Subscription Boxes That Have You Covered This Father’s Day

There are only two excuses for not having bought a gift for your dad yet. One, you're reading this and realizing "It's Father's Day already?!" Two, you're like me and despite countless google searches and stores scoured you still haven't set your sight on the right gift. When it comes to Father's Day, deciding on … Continue reading 4 Subscription Boxes That Have You Covered This Father’s Day

It’s Your Vacation, Not Your Followers’

I recently wrote an article for my school newspaper about the implications of social media on travel. This is not the sort of writing style I usually publish on my blog, however I thought I'd share it here anyway and see what you think! "As I sat down on my Air Canada flight, Florida bound for … Continue reading It’s Your Vacation, Not Your Followers’

The Ultimate 2016 Wishlist

Have you given any thought as to what gifts you're going to wrap this holiday season?What about the presents you want to unwrap? Here are 4 gift ideas each with their own appeal to give and get this Christmas. 1. A new clutch is the perfect gift for the style icon. Personally, I am tired of trying to … Continue reading The Ultimate 2016 Wishlist

Encouraging Neatness, Preventing Clutter

I am a fairly organized person by nature, however I can become quickly disorganized. I just need the right amount of space and storage – both of which I’ve been lacking until recently. This is why I'm always looking for ways to better create the illusion that I've got more space than I do. Here … Continue reading Encouraging Neatness, Preventing Clutter

Life Is Not Measured By “Likes”

"Likes may be the free, quick, legal crack of our time. "You get an emotional high when your posts hit a responsive chord with your audience, so you keep going after it, and you're never fulfilled because you'll always want more likes" - Sarah Z. Wexler As I flipped through Cosmo's June issue I couldn't help … Continue reading Life Is Not Measured By “Likes”

Healthy Over Clean

Sure we rinse our apples before slicing them, or wash our lettuce before making a salad, but when did referring to our eating habits as ‘clean’ become such a fad? Clean eating is a trend that has been picked up by celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba. It involves a strict diet where processed … Continue reading Healthy Over Clean