Thursday’s three

Three things I liked from this week 1. Squish Candies When this blessing of a store set up shop not too far from me I admit I was a little addicted. Whether for fear of cavities or devotion to willpower I haven't been back in a little while. The candy store has over 100 different … Continue reading Thursday’s three

4 Subscription Boxes That Have You Covered This Father’s Day

There are only two excuses for not having bought a gift for your dad yet. One, you're reading this and realizing "It's Father's Day already?!" Two, you're like me and despite countless google searches and stores scoured you still haven't set your sight on the right gift. When it comes to Father's Day, deciding on … Continue reading 4 Subscription Boxes That Have You Covered This Father’s Day

Favorite Fragrances for Summer

*Walks into Sephora and heads straight to the perfume section*...Yep, that's me! If there's one thing that I love it's finding new fragrances. However I rarely step out my comfort zone when it comes to choosing new perfumes. Even though I like lots of different fragrances, the ones I choose to wear tend to be … Continue reading Favorite Fragrances for Summer