Encouraging Neatness, Preventing Clutter

I am a fairly organized person by nature, however I can become quickly disorganized. I just need the right amount of space and storage – both of which I’ve been lacking until recently. This is why I’m always looking for ways to better create the illusion that I’ve got more space than I do. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned that encourage neatness, prevent clutter, and create space (even if it’s just the illusion of it).

tidy1# 1. Create additional closet space with a garment rack. Unlike an armoire, the garment rack doesn’t completely box off the space with which it occupies.

# 2. One piece of furniture with two or more functions is the best kind of furniture. I’ve got a tall shelf in my rom that stores my printer near the bottom, and my coffee table books near the top (because you might image I don’t have enough space for a coffee table).

# 3. Matching the colour of your furniture to your walls is a unique way to create the illusion that a specific space is larger than it actually. Even it’s simply matching a small piece of furniture like a desk, this is a trick worth trying!tidy2

# 4. Say goodbye to photo frames, and hello to ribbon boards. Photo frames add up quickly and can create a lot of clutter! A ribbon board on the other hand is one area where you can pin a bunch of photos together without the jumble of frames.



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