Thursday’s Three

Three things I liked from this week.

Burt’s Bees makeup: I have never really been one of those girls who takes more than 5 minutes to apply my makeup in the morning. My routine usually consists of a light dusting of powder foundation, a little blend of bronzer and blush, some eye shadow, and a quick flick of my mascara brush. Lately I’ve been wanting to try a liquid foundation just to create longer-lasting coverage throughout the day. Burt’s Bees BB Cream is both a light liquid foundation, and a hydrating moisturizer. It creates a smooth, bright base that resembles my natural complexion to fend off that cakey look.

Makeup Eraser: This ultra-soft makeup remover is just what I needed. I used to think it was enough to simply rinse my face with facewash, apply my moisturizer, and voila. However, my face never felt truly clean. The Original Makeup Eraser is a reusable, super-soft wash cloth that completely removes all makeup. Swap your liquid makeup removers and face wipes for this cloth that leaves your skin feeling healthy and fresh. All you need to do is add water! I recommend buying two…I usually swap mine out mid-week because the make-up builds up and simply ringing it out under the tap after each use won’t do it. Two will get you through the week until laundry day. Did I mention it’s machine washable?!

Boomerang: Every time I came across those mini videos on Instagram I never really caught on – until now.  Boomerang makes it easy to capture moments in a creative way. There are so many effects possible with photos, and with Boomerang your videos can be just as captivating!

Hang in there…tomorrow’s Friday!!!



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