At Home Facial: 3 Must-Have Face Masks

Just a little bit less than a year ago I started using face masks. Sure I tried the odd one before that, but now they are something I would consider a part of my routine. Let’s face it – a lot of us either can’t afford or don’t have the time for a facial. That’s why finding face masks that are effective at addressing your skin’s problems is essential for creating your own facial appointment at home. Here are a handful of masks I’ve tried (and loved) that target problem pores, oiliness, dryness, and much more!

Boscia: Green Tea Oil Control Mask

  • I was most attracted to this product because I couldn’t resist trying a peel-off mask. It was this past summer that I noticed my face getting unusually oily early on in the day (no thanks to the humidity), and using this mask once or twice a week really helped to control the excess oil.

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask

  • This is the first face mask I started using! My sister had talked about how much she loved this product so I decided to give it a try. Designed to target pores, this mask removes unwanted dirt and toxins from the face.

Peter Thomas Cucumber Gel Mask

  • Unlike the others, this face mask is in the form of gel! Made up of cucumber, lemon, aloe vera and much more this is my go to face mask when my skin is in need of hydration. The mask also has a sort of cooling sensation to it which makes it extra refreshing.





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My name is Tori and I am a Communication and Media Studies major. I have always been inspired by all things fashion including magazines like Cosmopolitan, movies like Devil Wears Prada, and women like Carrie Bradshaw (even though she is fiction). I want this blog to be canvas for sharing my personal style, and whatever else may come to the keyboard from health to home to beauty.

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