Staple of the Season: Mabli Vest

I am one of those people who finds all the reasons they can to love whatever season they’re in. Fall is one of my favourites because I am such an optimist when it comes to cooler temperatures. A drop in temperature means it’s time for a completely new wardrobe! Even the slightest drop in temperature and you’ll find me recovering my sweater dresses and scarves. I can pull everything warm and cozy from my closet and not feel lazy in my outfit choices.One of the best parts is simply layering clothing can be a form of accessorizing. Here is one of my already-out-worn favourite fall outfits:


I always gravitate towards pieces that effortlessly add something extra to an outfit. This Mabli vest from Anthropologie is one of those pieces! I can feel comfy all the while maintaining my fashion-forward exterior. Instead of throwing on a hoodie, I throw on my sweater vest with a long sleeve shirt and a pair of lightly distressed jeans. With its warm colours and soft material, this vest will be a staple for many seasons to come!

What's you're favourite fall staple?

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