Staple of the Season: Mabli Vest

I am one of those people who finds all the reasons they can to love whatever season they're in. Fall is one of my favourites because I am such an optimist when it comes to cooler temperatures. A drop in temperature means it's time for a completely new wardrobe! Even the slightest drop in temperature and you'll find … Continue reading Staple of the Season: Mabli Vest

Style Trend: Off The Shoulder

Much like many of the trends in fashion today, off the shoulder tops are not new - but rather an old trend making a comeback. Off the shoulder tops, as well as dresses, are the trend this summer. As much as I wanted to channel my inner Olivia Palermo in her voluminous sleeved off the … Continue reading Style Trend: Off The Shoulder

Downtown Montreal: Day 2

Although Montreal is all about shopping, that's not the only reason I enjoy visiting the city! Old Montreal has a whole different atmosphere to it as it is the oldest part of the city. On our second - and last - day in the urban city we enjoyed walking the cobblestone streets, sipping lattes, and overlooking the … Continue reading Downtown Montreal: Day 2