How To Build A Gallery Wall



Although the house my roommates and I live in is an old brown stone, the outside is no reflection of the inside. A central element contributing to our young and colorful atmosphere is the gallery wall in our living room. One thing all gallery walls have in common is a consistent flow throughout made possible either through similar framing, a designated color palette, ect. 

Once you have all the photos you’re going to hang on your gallery wall you need to choose which wall you want to hang them on. It’s a good idea to pick a wall with a lot of space. As well, if you’re going to add more photos increase the size of your gallery’s width, not its height – this way your photos remain at eye level.


Arranging your photos in the most asthetic manner is easier and more efficient if you lay them out on the floor first. After measuring your wall, use tape or string to mark the dimensions of the wall on the floor. By laying all of your pictures out on the ground first you can arrange and re-arrange until you get the layout you want. Before you start to move the pictures from the floor to the wall take a picture of the layout as a reference.


When it comes to centering your gallery wall you must keep in mind how much the furniture in the room will change. If you plan on leaving your furniture in one spot for a long time, then you can always center it using that. For instance, in our living room there really is no other place for the couch except for against our picture wall, so centering the pictures with the couch isn’t a bad idea. However, if you were to change the layout of your furniture once in a while you may want to keep in mind how that will off set your pictures. Sometimes centering it in the wall is better in cases where the furniture in the room is more dynamic.


One thing that really makes a wall pop is not only the variety of colors and sizes, but the differences content. This helps to make the wall appear less flat and stand out more. To give our wall more dimension we have a variety of content from quotes, to magazine cut outs, to drawings. Kate Spade has a bunch of cute printable quotes that we use for our gallery wall.

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Who says your picture wall can only have pictures? Our wall has various pieces that aren’t pictures including a clock, a whiteboard, and more! Your gallery wall is totally your own and I think that it is a good reflection of the type of atmosphere in your home. Colors, frames, content and layout will all affect the tone of your gallery wall. What’s your gallery wall going to look like? Personable? Classic? Chic?


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