Building a Makeup Collection For Under $150

Over the years I have accumulated so many makeup products, most of which have gotten set aside and never used up. It’s hard trying to find the perfect products that you don’t get tired of. Lots of the products I’ve invested turn out to be less than ideal – the lipstick that’s too many shades too light for my skin tone, and the liquid eye shadow that’s a little too liquidy.

I was beginning to think that in order to get just the right products I needed to spend more than I wanted to, but after a year of investing in the same products I’ve finally found what works for me. I can still use my favorite brands and the best part is…all the products combined are under $150!

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation by MAC – $32*

Of all my makeup products this is the one I have been using the longest! I don’t particularly like the feeling of having makeup caked on to my face which is why I like this foundation. It feels light when applied, yet provides long lasting coverage. Aside from using liquid concealer under my eyes, this is the only product I use as cover-up on a daily basis.

Beach Bunny Bronzer by Too Faced – $38*

Not just a bronzer, this Two Faced product also replaces the need for blush. Once you mix the four tones and apply, it gives the appearance of a bronzed cheek with a hint of rosiness.

Boudoir Eyes by Too Faced – $45*

Although you’re probably thinking you could find eye shadow for waaay cheaper (and you’re not wrong), this palette comes with all sorts of shades. I’ve had this palette for over a year and I am not even close to being done with it. So $45 for 9 long lasting shades you can mix and match in one palette is worth it!

Line Smoothing Concealer by Clinique – $23*

Next to my Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation I have been using this concealer for a while now. It’s soft brush allows for an easy and even application. It’s very blendable not only with my skin tone, but with my powder foundation.

Covergirl Lashblast Mascara by Covergirl – $7.99*


One thing I love most about this mascara compared to the more expensive ones is how buildable it is. I feel like I can control how much I want on my lashes, which is essential especially during weekdays when I don’t like to apply very much.

TOTAL: $145.99

*Prices may vary depending upon website as well as day of the week or season!

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