Downtown Montreal: Day 1

I had so much fun in Montreal this past weekend. Since summer is coming to an end, my friend and I decided to take a road trip to Montreal – only a two hour drive away! This weekend proves that you don’t need to fly overseas or travel across the country in order to get away.

After settling into our hotel (which had the cutest rooftop) we decided to get right to shopping. If you’ve ever been to Montreal you know that St.Catherine Street (French:Rue Sainte-Catherine) is where you’ll find all the great stores! Whether you’re in the mood for some serious retail therapy, or just enjoy window shopping, St.Catherine Street is a great spot to visit while in Montreal.

After shopping but before dinner we we’re able to take some photos on the cute rooftop I mentioned earlier. The rooftop overlooks downtown Montreal, and even looks past the harbor in Old Montreal.

Photo Credits @catherinejohnson


Outfit Highlights: Anthropologie Nandini Romper | Jook and Nona Gold Plated Tag Necklace (“Love”)

This pull-on style romper is so ideal for traveling, whether you want to dress it up or create a casual look. One of the reasons I like it so much it because of how light the material is, which was a blessing to be wearing while walking around the crowded and asphalted streets of Montreal. Ever since I got my necklace from Jook and Nona I have been obsessed with finding new ways to pair it with my existing jewelry.

Check back here soon for day 2 in Downtown Montreal where we walk the cobblestone streets, sip lattes, and wander around the harbor!

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