Blogging 101: What I’ve Learned

I’m sure almost every blogger has posted something along the lines of what it is you’re about to read. It has taken me a long time to finally start writing for my own blog and already I have come to learn so many things. First, blogging takes time. Who knew something as unrestricted and independent as writing for yourself would take up so much time. With that being said, there are many things to think about when starting a blog.

Theme, title, target: This is the first step to creating a blog – and probably the most time consuming. Deciding on a theme is important because it will be a reflection of what you are going to produce for your blog. Of course, my blog’s main theme is life and style. Some people might be interested in blogging about sports, or photography. Once you choose your theme your title and target will help to give your theme a name and audience. This is helpful when you start to write because you will tailor your pieces to who is reading them. 

Consistency: One thing you will recognize from any blog that you visit is that they have a pattern of posting. For those who make a career out of their blog, or simply have a lot of time to devote may post up to two to three times day. I cannot (as much as I wish I could) devote that much time, so I try to post about two to three times a week. It is all about finding what works for you and sticking with it. As long as you make a consistent contribution to your blog that’s all that matters. 

Photos make a difference: When I look at other blogs that inspire me one major difference that sets their blog apart from mine is their photos. The quality of the photo says a lot about the post it accompanies – it makes it whole. I have yet to invest in a camera but when I do I feel like it will really make a difference to it’s appearance. 

Change it, and change it again: I have only had my blog for a few weeks now and already I have made changes. Blogs are a work in progress! They are not meant to be mistake-free, and neither are they meant to appeal to everyone. 

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