Beauty Encounter: Stila Lip Glaze

Stila Lip glazes by Stila Cosmetics are my new favourite! Not that I wear very much make-up to begin with, but come summer time there are days when I enjoy going make-up less.

These classic lip glazes are perfect for summer, not to mention one of Harpers Bazaar Magazine’s Beauty Hot 100. For only $22.00 these glazes have a lot of benefits. Depending upon if you’re applying the gloss for the first time, or simply reapplying it by twisting the pen you can control how much gloss appears on the brush. By twisting to release the lip gloss it allows for the product to last much longer. It also makes for less of a mess when applying.

I have even tried pairing my lip glaze over top of a similar shade of lipstick. With the glaze over top the lipstick it gives a shimmering edge to an already popping lip.

Visit for a ton of colors to choose from!



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