Essentials: Packing for the Cottage

IMG_3072 [4267946]

I am not known to pack light – ever. I always feel the need to be extra prepared because I tend to change my mind a lot. So even packing for a weekend at the cottage you’ll find me with plenty more than I need. Of the too many things in my bag there are 4 that I never leave for the cottage without.Read more…

My fedora is a must. Sometimes I trade it in for a baseball cap, but either way I never leave for the cottage without something to wear on my head.

My kobo is what you’ll find me with while lounging for hours in the sun. The past two weekends I have been obsessed with uncovering the mystery in Paula Hawkins The Girl on the Train (I can’t wait for the movie). This weekend you’ll find me reading The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult.

I can’t leave for the cottage without a dress. It doesn’t matter which dress, but I always have to bring at least one with me to the cottage. Whether it’s to throw on over my bathing suit or to dress up for dinner I never forget to pack it.

My invisible oil heat/UV protective primer by Bumble and Bumble is a must for the cottage. In order to give my hair a break from all the heat that is applied to it throughout the week I like to let it dry naturally while I’m at the cottage.That is why I always bring my BB primer because it not only acts as a protectant but also gives my hair that beachy look (which does not come easy as my hair is naturally straight).

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