Style Trend: Off The Shoulder

Much like many of the trends in fashion today, off the shoulder tops are not new – but rather an old trend making a comeback. Off the shoulder tops, as well as dresses, are the trend this summer.

As much as I wanted to channel my inner Olivia Palermo in her voluminous sleeved off the shoulder, I couldn’t seem to find one for me. For a while any off the shoulder tops I tried on were either too cropped, too tight, or too boxy. But then, one after another I found three off the shoulder tops – all different styles, colors, and materials. Here are the three off the shoulder tops I’ve been wearing this summer.

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1. Michael Stars: This white off the shoulder is the perfect length. My favorite thing about this shirt  is the wider sleeve that goes just past the elbow (very Olivia Palermo like).You can see me wearing it here with a pair of jean shorts and fedora!

2. Brandy and Melville: This top is perfect if you’re looking for something a bit more cropped, but not cropped enough that you can’t wear it comfortably with jeans. Instead of a thin elastic band around the shoulders like most, this top has a lot more support. This helps to reduce the chances of it slipping onto your shoulders.

3. Soft Joie: This is an off the shoulder I can wear well into winter because of the long sleeves! Who says the trend has to stop when summer ends? Paired with some skinnies and tall black boots I’ll be showing my shoulders off no matter what season it is.


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